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Nocturne Sleep Tincture

Nocturne Sleep Tincture

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a powerful herbal blend for your best sleep yet. This multi-action tincture releases tension in the body, quiets mental chatter and brings deep restorative sleep. Our melatonin-free formula leaves no groggy after effects, so you feel refreshed & ready for the day ahead.


✿ 100% plant based- melatonin-free, bioavailable.
✿ Full-spectrum formulation- addresses multiple barriers to a good sleep.
✿ A tincture for all- from low quality sleepers to night owls.
✿ Potent & fast-acting- fall asleep + stay asleep.
✿ No next-day grogginess.

INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Cane Alcohol*, Passiflora Incarnata (Passionflower) Flowering Herb Extract*, Scutellaria Lateriflora (Skullcap) Herb Extract*, Valeriana Officinalis (Valerian) Root Extract*, Eschscholzia Californica (California Poppy) Whole Plant in Flower Extract*. *Organic

instructions: ☾Take 1-2 ml sublingually or add to warm/cold beverage 30 mins before bedtime.

Due to the nature of the formula & potency, the taste of Nocturne tincture may be strong for some. If so, we suggest mixing it with a splash of water or your bedtime tea.

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