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Full Moon Candle

Full Moon Candle

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The full moon is a powerful time to reset and realign your energy, emotions and addictions. During this cycle you are vulnerable to feelings of inadequacy and exhaustion, while at the same time feeling more sensitive, intuitive and in tune with your true self. Although it’s easy to get caught up in your emotions during this cycle, it is important to remember the key is to flow with the full moon.

This candle has renewing scents of jasmine. Garnished with jasmine, moonstone, clear quartz and amethyst crystals that have been charged under the full moon. Includes an affirmation card to be read every time the candle is lit.

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Full Moon Intention Candle Moonstone + Clear Quartz + Amethyst Crystals charged under the Full Moon 100% Soy Wax 100% Essential Oils Cruelty-Free Hand Poured Burn Time Approximately 40 Hours

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