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sagrada madre

Sagrada Madre Maha Incense

Sagrada Madre Maha Incense

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This incense was created to showcase the power of nature. Absolutely stunning is not enough to describe this enchanting scent. Masala means a blend of spices in Hindi and Urdu. We were inspired by these powerful blends to create our own mixture of resins and florals that layer upon each other to create a completely enchanting combination. Rose petals project unconditional love that joins the peaceful healing fragrance of Gardenia, coupled with the purification of Lily. These powerful florals are reinforced with Amber that signifies prosperity and are finally unified by Musk to awaken intuition. Bringing us further along the path of sustainability and conscious creation, this incense is made using Fruit Biomass, which is a byproduct of fruit juice and cider production. The packaging is also zero plastic and artfully designed to evoke the sun, moon and stars.

Contains 8 incense sticks Burn time: 1 hour per stick

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