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Intimate Massage Candle

Intimate Massage Candle

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INTIMATE Candle to Body Oil candle is a sensual + relaxing experience. A SOOTHING BODY OIL WITH SENSUAL NOTES OF AMBER, VANILLA, SANDALWOOD - Select a comfortable and relaxing environment for your massage experience. Ensure the room is free from drafts and distractions. - Lay down a towel, sheet, or soft blanket on the surface where you or your partner will be lying during the massage. This will help catch any drips of oil and protect your bedding or furniture. - Before lighting the candle, trim the wick to about 1/4 inch (6mm) to ensure a clean and even burn. - Use a lighter or a match to ignite the candle's wick. Allow the candle to burn for approximately 20-30 minutes or until a pool of melted oil forms on the surface. Make sure a significant portion of the wax has turned into liquid oil. - Carefully blow out the candle's flame, ensuring that no hot wax splatters. - Give the melted oil a minute or two to cool slightly. It should be warm to the touch but not too hot to use on

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