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living libations

Frankincense Honey Mask

Frankincense Honey Mask

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Living Libations 

Face Mask

Sourced from the nectar of happy honeybees, the wildflower honey in our Frankincense Honey Mask moisturizes skin to a sublime supple state while renewing wisdom skin and relaxing redness.

Frankincense Flower Honey is like liquid gold, coveted for its rarity and potency. Bountiful bees buzzing in frankincense trees drink deeply of the delectable nectar of small white flowers and alchemize the nectar into honey. This heavenly honey infuses the fortune of Frankincense flowers into our Frankincense Mask. Specially sourced through the Save Frankincense Alliance from beekeepers in Oman, our raw, unfiltered honey is directly poured off the hive and into the jar, undiluted, unfiltered, and unadulterated. 

Directions: Gently apply all over the face and neck for a nourishing mask and let it infuse the skin for 5 to 15 minutes before rinsing clean. 

Ingredients: Wildflower Honey, Frankincense, Cape Chamomile, and Immortelle

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