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feral herbalist

Feral Herbalist The Moon Tea

Feral Herbalist The Moon Tea

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A caffeine free herbal tea with nourishing herbs that are grounding & can help with stagnation in the body. This blend is fruity & earthy in flavor. The Moon card is about shadowy, mysterious things. It is not a card that offers clear, black & white answers. Rather, it is a card that asks you to feel & to be open to the sometimes confusing grey areas of life. The Moon is about tapping into your subconscious, tapping into your intuition... into your wild. In thinking about The Moon card, I chose some herbs for the blend that are deeply nourishing & that can perhaps foster this digging in a little deeper that The Moon card offers us. This blend is one I prefer to sip on in the evening when I'm ready to slow down & be thoughtful about how I move through the world.

ingredients: • Made in United States • Ingredients: Tulsi, Nettle, Mugwort, Calendula, Lavender, & Rosemary. **Mugwort is not recommended for people who are pregnant.

size: 2 oz

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