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Anju Los Angeles

July Buck Moon Gaga Flow with Juju July 21st // 6:30pm

July Buck Moon Gaga Flow with Juju July 21st // 6:30pm

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 July Buck Moon Gaga Flow with Juju July 21st // 6:30pm-7:30pm

In ancient times women would gather on the new and full moon, usually on a hill or mountain top, to move their bodies in flow. Known as a fertility dance, they believed that the circular movement of their bodies and womb would help distribute the water in their body to make them more fertile. This communion did not only strengthen and alleviate their bodies, it created community and support for women in their life's journey. 

This gathering of women did not only provide a supportive community , it helped women heal their body through movement and flow. Gaga dance, a movement language that helps us connect with our bodies, is a deeply healing practice that ultimately encourages our bodies to release any stuck energy and pain.

In this monthly gaga flow facilitated by Judith Goldstein, we will learn the basics of gaga dance and use the energy of the full moon in order to move through physical and emotional blocks, in order to to call on what we truly desire and release what we are ready to let go. The practice uses flow movement, music and meditation to facilitate a deep inner clarity and connection. 

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